New PascalSCADA Snapshot


I’m glad to announce the new snapshot of PascalSCADA, released today.

This new version contains the bug fixes of the last year and new features, of which SVG-based controls stand out. Yes, vector controls, based on files generated by Inkscape, due to support added to vectors by the BGRABitmap library. It has some bugs (mainly drawing paths, such as lines and polygons), but it is a resource with a promising future. Soon as possible, I’ll write a small guide teaching how use this new feature.

You can download the new snapshot here. To install, just follow the instructions listed here.

6 thoughts on “New PascalSCADA Snapshot”

  1. Hello,

    i already download latest PascalScada snapshot (pascalscada_0.7.3_20160726.tar.bz2).
    i try to build it on Delphi 2010 and it’s failed.
    some error found.

    – collections in ‘src\common\collections.pas’, collecions.pas is missing)

    – in Tag.pas
    getting result
    [DCC Error] tag.pas(970): E2003 Undeclared identifier: ‘Application’

    – in Tag.pas
    function TTag.IndexOf(List: TTagNotificationList; aHandler: TNotifyEvent
    ): Integer;
    c: Integer;
    if aHandlernil then
    for c:=0 to High(List) do begin
    if (TMethod(List[c]).Code=TMethod(aHandler).Code) and (TMethod(List[c]).Data=TMethod(aHandler).Data) then begin
    getting result
    [DCC Error] tag.pas(978): E2035 Not enough actual parameters

    – TFormatDateTimeOptions
    [DCC Error] protocoltypes.pas(262): E2003 Undeclared identifier: ‘TFormatDateTimeOptions’

    – TTagList = specialize TFPGList;
    [DCC Error] protocoldriver.pas(30): E2003 Undeclared identifier: ‘specialize’
    [DCC Error] protocoldriver.pas(30): E1030 Invalid compiler directive: ‘TFPGList’

    maybe more error will found

    just courious how to build it in Delphi 2010 … can you help me ? because i very very love this pascal scada.


    1. Hi Mr Alkatiri

      Delphi support on latest PascalSCADA versions are missing, because I don’t have much time to test it on Delphi and because Lazarus is my default IDE on last years.

      Patches are another point: Delphi users don’t send patches of their changes. Feedback of Delphi users is very poor.

      The last point is that the last PascalSCADA versions uses more and more features of Lazarus and freepascal, becoming hard to make it functional on Delphi. Examples of this are the fgl unit (generics) and BGRABitmap.

      But, if want make some patches to get PascalSCADA working on Delphi, please contact me.

      (Sorry by the reply in parts, I losed my reply text 3 times this this morning)

  2. Hi Fabio, Would you test in Delphi XE again for pascalscada, and update again for the scada component.

    Because much my last project with pascalscada with delphi 7 and now I will upgrade in delphi XE.


  3. Hi @Rudi!

    The last version of PascalSCADA will not work on Delphi because of the heavy dependency of BGRABitmap and FreePascal Generics. Even if I cut off some features will not make it works on Delphi XE.

  4. Yes Fabio thanks.
    Maybe you can create different version for delphi and FreePascal. we just need Pascal Protocol, PascalPort, PascalTags, Pascal HCI and Zeos Connection. That is very usefull.

    And maybe you can add again Pascal HMI for HMI button.

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