There are several ways of downloading and installing PascalSCADA.

The easiest and fastest way is downloading the latest version available on SourceFourge.

If you like to test new functionalities and sometimes find a few bugs we’ve got two options for you:

  1. Install the Subversion and sync a local work copy of PascalSCADA;
  2. Download a copy of the desired PascalSCADA revision and replace manually the files.

To download a revision of PascalSCADA, follow this link and click on the “Download snapshot” button.

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  1. Bryan Reply

    Hello Fabio,

    I have successfully downloaded PascalSCADA onto my Windows machine. I am a novice, and have no experience with Pascal.

    I tried looking online for some documentation relating to your product. I would like to connect to a slave using Modbus TCP/IP protocol. I have used other programs to create an HMI, but would like to explore new ones like the one you’ve provided.

    Could you please provide instruction on how to set up this connection? I’ve tried watching some of your YouTube videos but do not understand due to my level of knowledge.

    Thank you.

  2. Fabio Luis Girardi Post authorReply

    Hi Bryan!

    I have no useful example using Modbus TCP for you. I’ll provide a small example for you tomorrow.

  3. Federico Belloni Reply

    Hi Fabio.

    I have been using the pascalScada with the modbus protocol with excellent results.
    I need to integrate some devices with the CAN bus protocol now.
    Do you think you could add this protocol to the list available in pascalScada?

    Thanks for your answer
    Federico Belloni

  4. Fabio Luis Girardi Post authorReply

    Ýes, but I don’t have:

    ** Protocol specification
    ** I don’t have any CAN adapter
    ** I don’t have any CAN device

    With devices that I have these three items, I could implement a protocol. Without one of them, is hard to implement and test.

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