Bellow, you can see some applications developed with PascalSCADA. Click on thumbnails to zoom-in and see more details.

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  1. Anders G. Jensen Reply

    I have been playing a little with Pascal SCADA, and it is very cool.

    Do you have any plans of supporting MQTT (and perhaps SParkplug B)?, I think that would have a very nice impact on your userbase, as more an more integrators look towards the IIoT-way to be able to create selfaware SCADA-systems and bringing the data by default into an Unified Namespace for all vusinesslayers to have access.

    Have a look at this:

    • Fabio Luis Girardi Post authorReply

      Hi Mr. Jensen!

      I have many plans for the project. The problem is free time to do all the project related things and all the all the working related stuffs. Today I finished the SVN to Git migration, so I expect receive some pull requests with these cool features 🙂

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