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4 thoughts on “HMIDBConnection

  1. Harmse Reply

    Hi there,
    An example often makes much clear. Is it possible to write an example program for communication with an Arduino uno and a windows computer that communicates with modbus and for example a temperature controller on the Arduno and read the temperature on the PC. The desired temperature and PDI can be set on the PC and the controller can be switched on and off. Too low or too high a temperature can be reported as a bool to the PC. An entrance and exit can possibly report something to make this clear.

    There are many Uno users that we can use to program Lazerus programming

    • Fabio Luis Girardi Post authorReply

      Yes, I can, but I don’t have an Arduino nor knowledge about how it works, so we have to do it together. You develop an Arduino app and I develop the example, reading and writing on Arduino Modbus registers and you test the entire solution. What do you think about this?

  2. Harmse Reply

    Hello Fabio

    That’s a very good idea I don’t know much about Modbus but I know it is well supported in Arduino so I’m going to figure it out and making a Arduino app

  3. Fabio Luis Girardi Post authorReply

    Yes, Arduino has a lot of mature Modbus Libraries. I have a friend that uses Arduino+Modbus for everything. So I’ll start the example development of the example. When you are done, please provide-me:

    ** The Arduino Modbus address, also known as Modbus address or Modbus node.
    ** The list of variables/tags that you want read/write
    ** Name
    ** Data type (Bool, uint8, int8, uint16, int16, uint32, int32, float32, uint64, int64, float64);
    ** Tag address and area:
    Digital outputs(MB function 1 for read and 5 or 15 for write) or in simple address representation: 0xxxxx
    Digital inputs (MB function 2 for read) or in simple address representation: 1xxxxx
    Holding Registers (MB function 3 for read and 6 or 16 for write) or in simple address representation: 4xxxxx
    Analog Registers (MB function 4 for read) or in simple address representation: 3xxxxx

    I understand that you will have the following tags on your Arduino controller based on your description, so when your program is done, please provide the requested details (above) of:

    ** Temperature PV
    ** Temperature SP
    ** Temperature Alarm Hi SP
    ** Temperature Alarm Lo SP
    ** Alarm Temperature Hi
    ** Alarm Temperature Lo
    ** Control Switch ON/OFF
    ** P parameter
    ** D parameter
    ** I parameter
    ** MV (Manipulated variable), the value wrote to your analog/digital output.

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