New PascalSCADA Snapshot: 2016-07-26


I’m glad to announce a new PascalSCADA snapshot. This is a bug fix snapshot, that fixes some issues related with change of reconnection procedure of class TTCP_UDPPort, where in previous versions uses the classes TTimer or TFPTimer to timing reconnection retries. But both classes have some issues:

  • The TTimer class requires the graphic mode on applications that are designed to run under text mode or as service when using Linux, FreeBSD or other Unix.
  • The TFPTimer class raises a deadlock at the application end.

The need (and the first changes) to run PascalSCADA in text mode or as service was identified by Juanjo Montero (thanks Juanjo) some years ago. Now with this snapshot, this problem has a end.

Another problem fixed with this snapshot is the application freeze when using the class TTCP_UDPPort when the target host is inaccessible. On this case the application is frozen by the duration of the Timeout. And if the property ReconnectInterval is less or equal of Timeout, the application freeze forever.

The performance of the drawing controls has been improved, reducing the CPU usage 50% when using these controls.

The TMutexServer and TMutexClient classes received some attention. A deadlock when using both classes on the same application was solved.

Has been added on the previous snapshot a new protocol driver, the MelsecTCP, that allows the PascalSCADA exchange data with Mitsubishi PLC’s. Thanks Marcelo Fagundes.

The ISOTCP driver has been improved to handle better unstable connections.

And to finish, the THMIAnimation class don’t store the animation picture. This change help to reduce the size of application file.

If you liked of these changes, click on Download link on top of this page or right here. If you need some instruction of how install, click here. If you have doubts, write a comment on the install instructions page or in our Forum.

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