We come back!

After almost a month offline, the PascalSCADA page is online again. All this is due to changes in the hosting rules of Sourceforge, which forced me to change the hosting of the page. Everything are going alright, the change was quick and easy. The problem appeared when I was updating the DNS records. I changed the DNS settings in the control panel of Freehosting.com and waitted one, two, three, several days and nothing happened. Several attempts to contact the Freehosting support and nothing. So last week I decided to transfer the domain to another place and today the transfer was completed. And here we are.

2 thoughts on “We come back!

  1. Rudi Santoso Reply

    yes… welcome back… but I’m still use Delphi for PascalScada. Because I try in codethypon it’s always not stable or error.

    Please support us which use delphi IDE with pascalscada

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