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Expressions on all properties of base tags


I just improved the support for expressions in the properties of PascalSCADA tags. At first moment, this feature was only available for the TPLCBlockElement.Index and TPLCStructItem.Index tags/properties. From today, is possible to use expressions on the following tag classes:

  • TPLCTagNumber
  • TPLCStruct
  • TPLCBlock
  • TPLCString

On these tags, is possible use and include in the expression the following properties:

  • PLCRack
  • PLCSlot
  • PLCStation
  • MemFile_DB
  • MemAddress
  • MemSubElement
  • MemReadFunction
  • MemWriteFunction
  • Tag (you can only use this property on expressions in the properties mentioned above)

Below is a video that helps you understand the new feature:

Suggestions for improvements are always welcome!