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Expressions on all properties of base tags


I just improved the support for expressions in the properties of PascalSCADA tags. At first moment, this feature was only available for the TPLCBlockElement.Index and TPLCStructItem.Index tags/properties. From today, is possible to use expressions on the following tag classes:

  • TPLCTagNumber
  • TPLCStruct
  • TPLCBlock
  • TPLCString

On these tags, is possible use and include in the expression the following properties:

  • PLCRack
  • PLCSlot
  • PLCStation
  • MemFile_DB
  • MemAddress
  • MemSubElement
  • MemReadFunction
  • MemWriteFunction
  • Tag (you can only use this property on expressions in the properties mentioned above)

Below is a video that helps you understand the new feature:

Suggestions for improvements are always welcome!

New example: WEG TPW03 with Modbus RTU


I just added a new example that teaches how establish a communication between PascalSCADA and TPW03 PLC from WEG using Modbus RTU.

The example was created by Mr. Tiago Felipe Bones, student of UTFPR (Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná). Initially developed as an academic work, but he decided to share his effort with us and everybody that needs to exchange data with WEG TPW03 PLC.

The direct link to download the example is:

The project is already included in the PascalSCADA examples library.