Unlike other SCADA systems, PascalSCADA is not an application where you will develop your supervisory applications. PascalSCADA is actually a set of components that add SCADA functions to the Lazarus IDE. Lazarus is a powerful development environment for the Pascal language that uses FreePascal as a compiler. Both are open source projects (both use the GPL and LGPL licenses simultaneously), meaning they are free to use and modify. Lazarus / FreePascal has a rich library of native and third-party components, includes an excellent screen designer, has an excellent built-in debugger (GDB) and can generate applications for the most diverse architectures and operating systems. So why start from scratch and develop it all again? Logically it is easier to add what is missing to this environment that is quite complete so this IDE can develop HMI/SCADA applications. And that’s exactly what PascalSCADA does!

To use PascalSCADA to develop your supervisory applications, you must first install Lazarus on your computer and then add PascalSCADA to the Lazarus component library.

Soon PascalSCADA is a framework that adds SCADA functions to Lazarus IDE.