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  1. Fabio Luis Girardi Autor do postResponder


    Well, this is embarrassing, but I have no plans to support the latest Delphi version.

    But If want submit patches to enable PascalSCADA on latest Delphi versions, you are welcome!

  2. Fabio Luis Girardi Autor do postResponder

    In time, The latest snapshot (available at Downloads link) supports (at least) the Delphi XE2. So, the work to port it to Delphi 10 (and 10.1) isn’t so hard…

  3. Chris Williams Responder

    I think a simple component by component tutorial might be in order, other than the examples. Documentation is lacking. I spent a bit of time figuring out things on the fly –with good success mind you. Maybe even something with Youtube embedded video?

    • Fabio Luis Girardi Autor do postResponder

      This is a thing that I thought on last week while I revised the code of TMutexClient and TMutexServer. No one knows what can be done with that.

      Thanks Chris! This is a very good idea. I’ll start this soon as possible.

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