How build a tank level animation on PascalSCADA

Hi all!

I recorded recently a video teaching how to build a tank level animation using PascalSCADA. The unique cons are the audio that was recorded in Portuguese.  Click on play and enjoy!

Ps. The footer of this webpage has some Telegram groups where I participate, including one dedicated to PascalSCADA questions.

7 thoughts on “How build a tank level animation on PascalSCADA

  1. Heikki Reply

    Hello Fabio
    Is the software about the tank level animation available somewhere?
    Would you like to email me software of some complete project as example how to build a system with pascalscada?
    Best Regards

    • Fabio Luis Girardi Post authorReply

      Hi Heikki!

      I had one video (the unique mistake is that it’s Portuguese only) explaining how to make a cylindrical tank level animation. The most important trick of this video is the PNG transparency supported by Lazarus.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have the project anymore…

      The link to video:

  2. Heikki Reply

    Dear Fabio,
    Thank’s for a quick replay.
    I did watch the video but not been able to get the idea how to set up a project based on PascalScada. I did download the software and make it running. Now I would like to build a system with help of it but do not find proper guiding nor documentation how to progress. I have some experience in programing with former turbo pascal and now with lazarus, so I thought to build a system with PascalScada would be interesting project.
    Best Regards

  3. Almir Bispo Reply

    Olá Fábio
    Eu vi este vídeo incrível e forma em que ele cria a animação dos tanques.Então eu desenvolvi uma função que cria o tanque dinâmicamente e postei o link dos codigos na descrição do meu vídeo: (As propriedades do componente seriam as variáveis requeridas nos parâmentros da função.Uma função de representação seria invocada para desenho dinamico durante a execução). Como não tenho especialidade de criar componente,gostaria que o autor do PascalScada ou outro desenvolvedor pudesse criar um componente baseado na função para ser integrado no próprio projeto do PascalScada. (Sou ator e dou permissão de distribuição livre).Agradeço a atenção

  4. Rudi Santoso Reply

    Hello Fabio,
    I want to Create PLCTagNumber self when application running. And i have problem with TagType, I can’t give value and alway wrong.

    procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
    Level : TPLCTagNumber;
    Level := TPLCTagNumber.Create(self);
    Level.TagType := pttDefault;

    Error Message :
    form1.pas(354,25) Error: Identifier not found “pttDefault”

    • Fabio Luis Girardi Post authorReply

      Hi Rudi!

      You don’t need to specify


      This is the default value of this property. Otherwise, if you want to specify another tag datatype, just add the unit “Tag” to the sources uses clausule and then do:

      Level.TagType:=pttLongint; //or even pttDefault, to back to default

      Another tip: if you use Ctrl+MouseClick (hold Ctrl pressed while move mouse cursor over the source code will make some words underlined) will move you to the source code where the clicked (with Ctrl) identifier is defined.

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