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PascalSCADA on OPM repository


A few days ago, Mr. Balázs Székely  created for Lazarus, a central repository of components that is extremely easy to use. The unique step that needs some skill is the manual installation of “Online Package Manager” or OPM, in your Lazarus IDE.

Once OPM is installed, see how easy was to install PascalSCADA (better to watch in full screen):

To download the Online Package Manager, access the link

After finish the OPM download, go to the folder where you saved the OPM and extract it. After extract, open the Lazarus and go to menu Package -> Open package file (.lpk) and navigate to the folder where you have extracted the OPM files and open the file onlinepackagemanager.lpk and in the package screen, click on button Use and choose “Install”. After this, wait a moment, and after Lazarus restart, go to menu “Package” -> “Online package manager” and enjoy.

Captura de tela de 2017-04-04 07:05:02

More OPM details can be found here:

Using expressions on TPLCStructItem.Index property

Hi everybody!

Recently, due some difficulties using the project, I implemented a crazy, but very useful idea. What happened was that I needed to add an item to an existing structure. What I should to do was simple: I selected all itens of the last structure, pressed Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V. But the problem has come when I should to change the Index property of the created TPLCStructItens. Normally I need to select one by one and add the structure size to calculate the Index (offset) of each one. That when it was not necessary to use the calculator to do the calculation. But here is the crazy idea: why not let the IDE to do that? Well. This idea together with TFPExpressionParser page originated the video below:

It’s not ready yet, I have a head full of ideas. What ideas do you have?


Ps. After publish this post, I finished the features showed on this video: