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New example: WEG TPW03 with Modbus RTU

Hi! I just added a new example that teaches how establish a communication between PascalSCADA and TPW03 PLC from WEG using Modbus RTU. The example was created by Mr. Tiago Felipe Bones, student of UTFPR (Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná). Initially developed as an academic work, but he decided to share his effort with us and … Continue reading New example: WEG TPW03 with Modbus RTU

New PascalSCADA Snapshot: 2016-07-26

Hi! I’m glad to announce a new PascalSCADA snapshot. This is a bug fix snapshot, that fixes some issues related with change of reconnection procedure of class TTCP_UDPPort, where in previous versions uses the classes TTimer or TFPTimer to timing reconnection retries. But both classes have some issues: The TTimer class requires the graphic mode on applications … Continue reading New PascalSCADA Snapshot: 2016-07-26