PascalSCADA 0.7.5 and general informations

Hi everybody!

I’m glad to announce the PascalSCADA 0.7.5. It’s a bugfix release.

This version will be the last one that maintains the current tag scan mechanism. That is, the next version will have changes in this mechanism.

It’s available both in the SourceForge and in OPM repository, was announced previously.

To download the full package (with examples and class documentation) from Sourceforge click here.

To update your PascalSCADA copy using OPM, follow the instructions listed here.

The minimum requirements to use this PascalSCADA version is FPC 3.0.4 and Lazarus 1.8.0.

General information…

As informed in the post title, I have to start explaining why the delay replying the comments of the page. Over a year ago, I migrated the page from the Sourceforge server to a private server. After completing the migration, I made a check of the settings, especially in email notifications. I installed a plugin to send emails via Gmail, sent tests messages and everything was OK.

However, I discovered that a small portion of the messages on the page was sent. The majority of messages were not sent. Moderation notifications never left the server and the page looked abandoned.

So this week I reviewed the settings and I’m being notified when comments are posted. I asked random people to register and send some kind of comment, and I was notified of all.

I apologize to all who have accessed and commented on the page and who have not answered.

2 thoughts on “PascalSCADA 0.7.5 and general informations”

  1. You might want to check out Pasettimino, a very lite native Pascal ethernet communication library for S7 Siemens Simatic PLC. S7 200/300/400/400H/1200/1500 and LOGO 0BA7 PLC families are supported. It has some unique features like getting status of all PLC leds (even on redundant CPU pairs) and getting status of power supply memory backup batteries. These might be important info on some SCADA systems, so you might want to explore the code and integrate something like that in PascalSCADA.

    btw. I can’t wait to see your tag managment evolve. That would allow PascalSCADA use in big projects.

    1. Hi avra!

      I’m looking for that right now. I see it in a previous stage some time ago. But part of feature set of Pasettimino is already present on PascalSCADA, on ISOTCP driver, like:

      * communicate with these PLCs (tested by me):
      ## 200 (using CP 243)
      ## 300-ET-200S (I have plants with PascalSCADA and this PLC)
      ## 400 (I have plants with PascalSCADA and this PLC)
      ## 1200 (I have plants with PascalSCADA and this PLC, DB’s must have Optimized access disabled)
      ## 1500-ET200SP (I have plants with PascalSCADA and ET-200SP, DB’s must have Optimized access disabled)
      ## LOGO 0BA7

      * Missing features, that I’m studying Snap7 for include in the future, and now I have one more source to study:
      ## 1 – Connect in a PLC protected by password (read/write levels)
      ## 2 – Read battery status
      ## 3 – get/set PLC clock
      ## 4 – Read CPU state (run/stop, I don’t want to switch the CPU state)
      ## 5 – Read/write symbolic tags (Pasettimino can do that?)
      ## 6 – S7-400H (I never tested, I don’t have an opportunity.

      You have other features that I consider important, like reading CPU product number and firmware revision. Andreas Frieß send me an e-mail today, talking about your project. Since this moment, I’m thinking about how to fit these features on current PascalSCADA ISOTCP implementation.

      Ps: Your implementation is very clean and easy to read. Congratulations!!

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